What is Bodywork Ultra about?

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What treatments do we offer?

The main modalities used include neuromuscular therapy, cupping, craniosacral therapy, active isolated stretching (AIS), sports massage, kinesiology taping and swedish massage with the short-term goal being pain relief.  By relieving pain and restructuring the body to a balanced state, wellness improves and overall performance is enhanced.

Bodywork Ultra

Bodywork Ultra is owned and operated by Bonnie Kimble.  ​Bonnie, a board certified, licensed massage therapist (LMT), is passionate about getting you back to a pain-free, physically balanced state so you can get out to enjoy your passions...be it running your first 5K, competing in an Ultra or Ironman, hiking a trail, or just enjoying playing in the backyard with your kids or grandkids!

Bodywork Ultra offers athletes and the athletic-minded person therapeutic massage to promote a healthy approach to fitness.  Through therapeutic massage, muscles that are overworked (or on the verge of becoming overworked) and tight, are lengthened and relaxed to allow the body to move back into a physically balanced state.


​​​​​​​​​Align Body * Relieve Pain * Improve Wellness * Enhance Performance

Align Body - Relieve Pain - Improve Wellness - Enhance Performance

Bodywork Ultra LLC
Bonnie Kimble, LMT, BCTMB

​Location TBD