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Each appointment includes a brief discussion of your goals for the session and long-term goals, along with a postural assessment.  The postural assessment helps me determine the course of action to take during the session to make the most effective use of our time.  The session times listed below includes the amount of actual hands on bodywork time.  So that you can plan accordingly, the entire appointment may be 15-20 minutes longer than the session time listed below.   

30 minute session          $50 
60 minute session          $90 
90 minute session          $120 

120 minute session        $150 


Referral Specials
​Did you like your massage session with Bonnie Kimble?  If so, please spread the word with your family and friends to earn refer specials on your next appointment. 

Refer 2 new clients, and you will receive 50% off your next session*, or...

Refer 3 new clients, and you will receive a complimentary session  

Cancellation Policy:  You understand and are responsible for the full price of a session if you change or cancel without 24 hour’s notice.

* 50% is off the full price 

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